Strike Engine


Strike Engine is an open-source trading card game developed by SillyRookie, the creator of the webcomic 32'Kickup. This means that anyone can create cards and expansions for this system. That includes you, reading this page right now!

An interesting feature is the option to mix and match wildy different decks from different worlds and properties. In layman's terms, think of Magic the Gathering meets Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. To quote SillyRookie, Fantasy, sci-fi, western, whatever! If it involves characters fighting, then it can be made into an expansion for Strike Engine!

It is more than just another way for webcomic creators to sell their merch online, Strike Engine can be used as a foundation for original card games. One such example is Quintessence: Beyond the Watchtowers, one of the projects made for My First Game Jam: Summer 2022. Right now it's a playable prototype, but the development team The Other Worlds Tourism Bureau hopes to have up to 220 cards in its base set upon completion.

If you wish to try it out, install the Tabletop Simulator mod and get playing!

Because SillyRookie has nothing to promote it besides this tweet and especially this video by the card-reviewing Kohdok, I took this matter to my own hands by making this webpage. I hope the concept of an open-source trading card game would stimulate your imagination like it did to mine. :)

My Creations

NOTE: Most of the card art shown on this page are not final.

Here are the protagonists for a superhero series I've been thinking of making a webcomic about for a couple years, but haven't figured out how to start yet.

Wolfman Qiana Ukuduma Flaresight Danella Vera

However, I've figured out that it would involve the conflict between a pair of psychic brothers. For years they've battled each other to win the favor of the Toronto mayor, and Millenius finding a way to balance out the amount of superheroes in the city (and possibly the whole nation) would be the catalyst of the whole story.

Millenius Mundi

If the protagonists are members of the X-men, then Mundi would be Xavier. But that would mean that Millenius would basically be Magneto, if he and Xavier had the exact same powers. This is just a small sampling of supervillains on his side, by the way.

Vein Rugal Dorothy

What makes things worse are a bunch of nasty minions with one goal in mind: increase Toronto's crime rate. But why do they intend to cause so much trouble? Where do they come from? And why do they throw poop at people's lawns?

Zippy Indigo Zippy Zippy Horde Poop Fling Zipper Hound Zippy Brute Zippy Wizard Zipper Abyssal

Fortunately, Mundi and his team of main characters are not alone. Their friends will help them out in times of need. In Ralph's case, he would also hang out with them over a beer after a full-day's wrestling.

Oprah Mico Brian The Brain Ralph Molly Mallet Zeta Blue Lipstick Babble

There are plenty of interesting characters in this fictional universe. I could show you all of them, but that would ruin the surprise. Here's a couple faces you can expect.

Neo Mountie Unfortune Flying Theif CrinkleTwins

And here's a bunch of cards with finished art to finish things off. I hope you like it! :)

Coral Spine Qiana Ukduma, the Determined Parastoid Knight Elysia, Miss Pink Elf

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