Sitekick was a Flash game on the website of YTV, a Canadian children's television programming network.

The game involved a circular robot known as a SiteKick. The main purpose of the game is to customize it to your heart's content, and the main way to do so is to collect and equip Chips. Many of them can be found all around the website, but some of them can only be obtained by entering a code. These codes can be found through various methods, such as monthly newsletters, the Whoa! Magazine that can only be obtained in Pizza Hut, and watching the television network itself.

Sitekick lasted from 2003 all the way to 2015. During these years it has provided memories for many Canadian millenials (including the creator of this page) among the ranks of several animated television shows that aired on YTV and Family Channel in the 2000s (especially the House Hippo).


If it not were the efforts at the folks behind SiteKick Remastered, then this key player would have faded into obscurity. These folks were the players of the original SiteKick game, and their goal is to recreate the experience on Unity and share it with younger generations and those who never got to experience what it's all about back in the day.

This shrine is dedicated to a key player in a chapter of YTV's history, one where Canadian millenials grew up with. It is a tribute to a time when they helped each other on the forums get the desired Chips they would have missed otherwise.

I hope you can appreciate the existence of SiteKick and its role during YTV's history.

By the way, why not check out some custom chips I made myself?


2004 Promo

A promotion from the YTV channel itself. "Games is home, James!"

SiteKick Saga Cutscenes

Note: Most of the sounds and episode endings in the cutscenes are missing, and are probably lost to time.

SiteKick: Chips of Justice

Over a decade ago, the uploader of this video made a series of fangames for this mostly-forgotten YTV character using Game Maker. This is his first one.

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