Custom Chipendium

There are people out there who would use Chips to decorate their Sitekicks as a form of self-expression. And then there are people who make the chips themselves, such as those who participated in the Design A Chip Events back in the day.

I remember participating in one of those contests, but I don't think my entry was even considered. By the time my drawing skills improved and I was still in high school, the SiteKick section of was gone.

So when I discovered SiteKick Remastered in 2020, I was excited. When I joined their Discord Server, I would sometimes post ideas the project, such as original, never-before seen Chips that previously didn't exist in the original SiteKick.

Here are some of these ideas.

#{{chips.indexOf(chip) + 1}}  {{ ? : 'Unidentified'}}


Type: {{chip.type ? chip.type : 'Face Piece'}}

Rarity: {{chip.rarity ? chip.rarity : 'Unknown'}}

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