Memory Fragment Restoration Event

Have you ever wondered why there are strange, hexagonal window boxes scattered across this website? I have, and it all started when I was traveling across memory lane the other day. That was when I discovered this particular memory fragment.

Memory Fragment Puzzle

It was corrupted when I first found it, so I got my community to help me restore it. It lasted for two months, and on May 31st 2022, the code finally cracked and memories started flooding back...

The Memory Fragment Restoration Event is officially over! Thank you for participating!


Participants will recieve an exclusive 88x31 banner and a Honeycomb stamp you can proudly display in their collection. You will also get other handsome rewards I don't have the guts to reveal right now.

The prizes will be given once all these conditions are met:

Hall of Fame

Discord Server Stats

If you have any questions or concerns, please post a message at my Neocities profile and I will answer as soon as possible.

Good luck!