Strike Engine


Here's some half-decks to mix and match with! Take two of them and combine them into a full deck. You can try them out by installing this TableTop Simulator mod used for playtesting purposes.

NOTE: The cards, especially the artwork, are not final.


Flaresight Fire Feather Brian the Brain Flickety Split FireBird Missile Ignition Blazing Speed Flames of Sight Solar Slash

Lightning Lollipop

Qiana Ukuduma Ralph Tector Tector Plug Enforcer Block Plasma Barrier Healing Jelly Lightning Leap Vow of the Crossing Gaurd Blitz Crush

Frozen Edge

Wolfman Glacier CryoPod Fridge Man Cold Breath Frozen Forge Blizzard Frost Fang Exploding Iceberg

Urban Jungle

Danella Vera Mico Green Roper Thorn Trooper Restrain Dive Kick Evasion Windmill Cactus Throw Sharp Thorns

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