The Tale of Mr. Patience

You may be wondering why some people call me Mr. Patience. They say that's because I'm a patient person. But that's just one of the two reasons why I carry this nickname. The other reason is a personal experience of mine that only a few people know. It's an origin story.

Where should I begin? Let's see... I think it all began long after we had our one last concert, called Grandfather's Last Song. We decided it was a fitting name because we knew our local music industry (Genesis Records) was dying out after hanging around for 50 years, and we wanted to make its last breath count. The concert was basically a love letter to every song produced by Genesis Records, and told the industry's history through music.

Four months later, Genesis Records died out, but to this day, its legacy can be felt on 70s and 80s radio stations. We've parted ways ever since, but we still got in touch with each other for many years, with Geocities, AOL Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

But the story really begins 15 years later, when each one of us received a special invitation. We were invited by Ozlo to their house, to hang out and stay for a week. Just like the good old days, until Grandfather's Last Song came by and we all had to go our separate ways.

However, it was basically a lure to something pretty shady, but neither of us knew that at the time.

They were kind and friendly as usual, but that was how they drew us in.

At one point they were our managers back when we were starting out as a band, but again, that was to get us to put our guard down.

And of course, we've known Ozlo ever since we were children, but once again, that was to rip our defences down.

Sure, they offered snacks and drinks like every good houseguest should do, played games, and even got drunk at one point, but that was part of a grand scheme to get our trust.

And here we are, in Ozlo's party, talking about plenty of interesting things with our old band members and people that we've never seen before. Topics included: the good old days back when Genesis Records was a thing, raising children, travels across the globe, favourite music artists we looked up to back when we were children, superheroes, Netscape, the other good old days back when we all had our personal website before Geocities was taken down back in 2009, Netscape's death, how we all got our Facebook and Twitter accounts, current events, politics, the Astral dimension, and most importantly, their current lives.

They knew we've been using the internet since the rising popularity of Geocites, and they also knew we used Facebook to reconnect with our old buddies since 2005. But neither of us knew what trolls are, so Ozlo decided to use this to their advantage.

Then Ozlo introduced us to a new concept: trolling. They led us to believe that you can get away with making fun of people for the way they look and act as long as it is done online, which is why it is more morally acceptable than asking for someone's personal information or giving viruses to others. They talked about it like it was some fun game you could get paid for doing, and we all bought into it.

That was when the game began.

For the first few weeks we poked fun at random people at lesser-known chat spaces such as Pal Talk and 4chan, and tossed around a couple casual insults once in a while. We even managed to rate a couple girls online!

Some people liked the game more than others. But it was one of our former band members, Crazy, who liked it the most. He sought pleasure in waging flame wars against various people online, no matter the cost. Whether you are a "n00b" or a moderator on a web forum, you were not safe from him. No wonder why he got paid more than us!

Before we knew it, we became some of the most notorious trolls on the Internet. At one point in our trolling career, we ranked high on the Monthly Forum Posting Records, and Crazy was #1 for frequently posting random insults at everything he sees.

However, as months passed by, we found tougher people to make fun of. Everyone was so mad at us that they banned us from various sites such as Deviantart,, and Omegle. When some people realized what they were actually doing, they protested against Ozlo, as they learned first-hand the dangers and consequences of trolling. It is unclear what happened to them next, and perhaps I will never know to this day. I guess they just... mysteriously disappeared.

The rest of us had to use 4Chan from now on to continue our trolling career, but we ended up picking on the toughest people to troll: Anonymous. We flung the vilest insults we could imagine, dissed their family members, and even made death threats at them. The flame war lasted for two days, until Anonymous was fed up with our toxic behaviour and used their hacking powers to banish us from 4Chan forever.

That was when we realized we became the most powerful trolls on the internet: we were so powerful, that only website admins and hackers can stop us. All we could do to them is to rile them up, and nothing else. That was when Ozlo had a plan.

He announced that to keep us challenged, we have to troll each other, as he reminded us the most challenging people to troll were the trolls themselves. If we could harass people who harass other people online, then we could harass ourselves, right? What could possibly go wrong?

That was when the real game began.

We turned on each other, and soon intense dissing contests were on the rise amongst us. Neither of us wanted to admit defeat at this point, as we all wanted to win the game and get over with it. And thus, the game began to drag on.

We verbally destroyed each other as our numbers grew smaller. Most of us gave up and escaped, some people went mentally ill and died, a few went insane, and the rest of us, the strongest-willed ones, were left standing, fighting with whatever words we had. One time, I pushed my then-girlfriend a little too far and she mysteriously disappeared the next day.

In the last day of the game, only two of us were left standing: Crazy and Me. At this point, I was feeling guilty of what I have done to her, and Crazy decided to take advantage of it. He told me I've been too kind before Ozlo's invitation, and I've become a horrible person ever since we started trolling. He also told me to kill myself, but horrified about the fate of those who lost the game, I refused.

He did everything he could to try to break me, just like we did to each other throughout the game. I, too called him a horrible person for everything he did to many online communities, including my former friends. That was when he took it far too personally, and that was when he began to say the Words of Hate.

Eventually Crazy broke down my mind just like what I did to my ex-girlfriend, however I used what was left of my willpower to rearrange the pieces of my shattered mind and build it back together. My efforts in trying to remain sane ended up activating a new power: the power of patience. However, there was a cost: I became numb and completely desensitized to every insult and slur known to mankind.

Sure, sticks and stones can break my bones, but thanks to my broken mind, words can't hurt me anymore. When Crazy ran out of derogatory terms to say right in my face, that was when the battle began to escalate into physical violence.

Crazy went crazy and punched me in the face, but I knew that a fist fight would happen. With the power of patience, I observed his attacks and concluded that he was trying to be as unpredictable as he can. It was a long fight, but in the end, I defeated the man I knew ever since I joined Genesis Records, the man that I parted both ways when the Last Song happened, and the man who became a monster while I became the lesser of two evils: Crazy himself.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in a room that looked like a prison cell. Remembering what happened last night about the fight against him, I began to question many things.

Why did Ozlo turn us into trolls?
Why did he make us turn against each other?
Was it Ozlo's intent to make Crazy and I fight each other to the death?
What happened to the people who escaped?
Have I become less than human?
Have I truly become a monster?

I looked to my right, and saw a door. I left the room, and ended up exploring Ozlo's basement.

Later on I confronted Ozlo. Ozlo was surprised when I told him I figured it was part of a big conspiracy, and demanded to tell the truth. Ozlo explained that my group wasn't the first group that he played the game with, but he's surprised that I was the first person figure out that there is a conspiracy behind it.

Ozlo went on about how the game was a tool to recruit new members of a political organization, and was disappointed that Crazy could have won the game instead of him. He told me that there are so many excellent trolls that he plans on bringing them back to life to extend his social media army.

Ozlo then goes on about how our troll group was the best thing he got out of his "recruiting program" that it puts the other troll groups he created to shame. He then asks if I want to join him and take over the world. I refuse.

I told him that he was the one who set us all up for a shady conspiracy, and Ozlo could not hide the fact that I now knew a lot of things he knew.

Eventually, a fight between Ozlo and I happened. We fought not with words, but with fists, laser beams, and our own mental resolve. I tried to destroy the man who betrayed and manipulated me, but he captured me with the Servant Stone and forced me to become his servant.

Long story short, I ended up waiting five years to be freed from Ozlo and the Servant Stone and now I fight to free the world from Ozlo's influence, but that's another story for another time.