Martial Arts Tale

The two brothers trained in a dojo. One brother's name is Noir Eyes and another one's name is Blanc Eyes.

The brothers, despite their bitter rivalry, trained with other students in the dojo, such as a pink-haired girl and a red oni who likes cheese.

The Dojo Master saw that each student has their own strengths and weaknesses to work on. Noir was his favourite student because he is a positive role model for his students and happens to have extraordinary patience and skill. When Blanc Eyes found this out, he became very jealous.

One day, the students were enjoying their training when Noir heard an elderly man scream. The other students heard it too, so they followed Noir as he raced towards the Dojo.

Noir rushed towards his master, but he was now dead. He heard footsteps, so he turned his head towards the source. He saw his brother Blanc running away from the scene.

He is unsure whether or not he should either avenge his master's death or forgive his brother, but he now knows that Blanc is a very powerful force to be reckoned with, and should not be taken lightly.

The students buried their old Dojo Master and appointed Noir as their new one. They trained together for a couple months, but without their old Dojo Master, Noir could not learn any new skills, techniques, or life values from him, because he is now dead.

And so Noir and his friends travel across the land to learn new lessons and techniques so they can improve themselves and confront Blanc once and for all!