The Elemental Heroes

Long ago in HypinoLand, everyone lived in peace.

Then one day, there was a menace named McDroplee who took over HypinoLand.

During his rule, forests have been cut down while
many human beings are turned into products such as hats and purses.

Trust me, it was a bad time to be alive.

That is, until the Elemental Heroes was formed.

Each member of the EH had a different power:
fire, water, wood, earth, and electricity.

I was the leader of the group, and I used the
power of wind for the greater good.

For many years we have fought against the forces of
McDroplee as a result of our desire to protect our
hometown from harm.

One day, he decided to go one step further and take
over the whole entire world.

When I found out, I notified the EH about the news
and we tried to track down McDroplee, having other
heroes join us along the way.

Many groups have united to protect our planet.
EH was one of them.

Several days later, we finally confronted
McDroplee so we can stop his evil plans.

It was a long fight: many of our heroes fell
as we kept fighting as hard as we could.

When I finished McDroplee off, he did something
none of us saw coming: he pressed a button on
his remote, thus exploding the planet and the
life forms that live there.

That included not only the people we fought with,
but also our families and friends, the wildlife that
thrive in our planet's ecosystems, and not to mention
the clouds that float above our heads. Man I miss clouds.

After the apocalypse, I found out that I was the only
survivor of the EH. Later on, I also found out that
there are survivors too. Some of them even became my
best friends.

Together, we created new countries using what remained of the old ones,
and made new ecosystems out of old ones.

As a result, the whole entire world was reborn.

If it wasn't our hard work and dedication, then you wouldn't be here.