If you have read the latest news regarding social media or have read the other manifestos, you would know that the internet has issues that are worth tackling. The ability to express their own identity is one of these issues. But one would ask: "of course we can express our identity! We can use a profile picture!" But I'm afraid that is not enough. On a typical social media profile, the only options are the profile picture and the profile border. You cannot change the blue to any colour you want, and you cannot change the boring white background to any picture you want. What good does that bring?

Instead of the same theme every time, I wanted to visit a profile that is memorable and visually appealing. I wanted to visit a profile that stands out from the crowd, and something I would go back to when I'm in the mood. I just didn't want to go there for the latest news and updates, but I also want to see whatever engaging content they have in store, even if it's a simple link to a game they made.

Then it hit me... that was when I realized that the internet was not the same as it was twenty years ago, when I was a little boy surfing the web with the website I visit the most, "" I visited various sites there. Some sites, like, were pretty good. Other sites, on the other hand, are so bad that I wouldn't even want to mention them. But overall, the experience was pretty good!

And don't get me started on Not only you can customize your user and pet lookups to make them stand out rather than leaving them on default, you can make your pet's homepage unique as well! That's right: there are many pet pages I visited that each left an impression on me for various reasons.On some pages, it's the amazing art. On others, it's the elaborate stories and worlds that involve the pet who owns the homepage, not to mention their biographies. Ever heard of the Restock Machine? It's an absolute classic. I wonder where they are now? I'm afraid many of them are lost to time, because every time I search 'neopets' on the Wayback Machine, I couldn't find it. Such is tragedy.

That's why I'm thankful for sites such as NeoCities, Multiverse and SpaceHey. They empower people to continue creating places that people all over the Internet would enjoy visiting. But if you want your place on the web to blend in, go ahead: I'm not stopping you. But I just want to remind you that you have the right to stand out from the crowd. It's okay to talk about something you really like without having to have a personal or political reason behind it. Just treat people on the net with respect, and they will remember you -- in a good way.