The Winter Gazebo

February 3, 2022

A snowy field with a pinkish sky.

My parents went somewhere in the middle of winter to celebrate something romantic. To meet them, I had to go through an entire mall that looked like a Hudson's Bay store.

At one point, I had TikTok on my phone. It was cringe even in the dream: the most memorable video I saw was some dude in a Santa Claus costume saying "Ho Ho Ho Ho" at the camera in every. Single. Fricking. Shot. I know it's still winter, but it's February already, and Santa's Village hasen't even been opened yet this year. Grow up you imposter!

The Gazebo.

I eventually ended up in an enormous gazebo where my parents were celebrating. I looked up to discover that it had a pair of eyes and a strange-looking mouth underneath inside its roof.

The gazebo sang a joyful, looping song for a few minutes before it exploded right in front of us.

Murkrow: Well, that sounds like Perish Song with extra steps. Neonriser: Exactly!