The Reindeer of Flesh

May 12, 2022

WARNING: Animal Body Horror

I recall finding a changing room as I walked through a narrow, wooded corridor. I discovered a bedroom that seems to be made out of wood. The walls were made out of wooden ladders. You could see through the ladders and find out that there are other bedrooms that are inside one, enormous room with giant windows. There was lots of natural light because it was sunny outside.

In an another unrelated dream I had the same night, there was a reindeer in a flash cartoon that had no limbs. Its head were as large as its torso. It had a single, beady eye and no ears.

In one scene, the reindeer saw another reindeer that looked similar, but smaller. Its antlers were also smaller, and had a pair of hind legs.

It was revealed that it was the first video of the reindeer to be posted on Youtube. There were other videos that were posted as well. The thumbnail of Part 2 showed a reindeer having its face removed to reveal the red meat inside, but still had its single eye. Another reindeer in the background was looking at it in horror. In Part 3, the reindeer was not longer a reindeer, but a cluster of meat shaped like one. By Part 4, there was no longer a reindeer. Instead, there were strands of meat strewn everywhere, with one unblinking beady eye staring at the viewer.

Such an unhuman creature... Under the guise of an animal is an unspeakable beast of pure flesh... I cannot believe that this abomination is a by-product of my own night-mind. No wonder why it's on the naughty list.