Pokemon 51

July 2019


One time I dreamt that there was this game where you got to pick your partner. For some reason I chose Nessa, the water gym leader. We found ourselves in a small appartment that looked like the inside of a cottage. We stayed for a while, but realized that in order to progress through the story we had to make up our minds on what to do when we go outside. I chose the "hang out with shady comic book dealers" because at least it's better than the "talk to corrupt cops" option.

After buying some comic books with Nessa, we witnessed a strange sight: a group of pokemon is contacting a bunch of alien refugees from a galactic empire. I can remember that some of the pokemon involved were a Clefairy and an Elgyem.

If I were to make a Pokemon fangame, then I could use this as a starting point to develop and flesh out the game's plot.