Forests of Fantasy

Mar 29, 2022

It all started when I found a comic on Danbooru. But it wasn't a short one or a page for a doujinshi manga, but the kind of comic you would find on the internet that's technically a really long image.

I could tell by the artstyle that it was made by a Neopets user who was known for their contributions to the Neopian Times' comics section. It looked like a rough sketch for an epic fantasy saga aimed at both weebs and furries.

golden quill

The comic begins with a foreword from its creator. It was supposed to explain what the story's about, however the writing was very sloppy and difficult to read. However, I managed to read a couple words so I had a better idea on what's going on. She even drew a small cartoon of herself besides her signature! Nice!

Brown Xweetok

The comic had a panel that was supposed to tell the reader that a "crossover character" would appear in the comic. That character is a brown mammal, who looks like a lot like a brown Xweetok. I think her name was Anai-Bee or something. It was supposed to be a very African-sounding name. At least the 'bee' part was the one I remember in vivid detail.

Pink Hissi
Replicated with JellyNeo's Wardrobe

We then see a pink, buff cobra man wearing a muscle shirt in the middle of a black void. He reminiscences about having his butt kicked by a Zafara and a Bruce, and vows to impress his father in any way he can.

Yellow Zafara Ice Bruce
The culprits.

He manages to enter a portal to another dimension, which was when the comic transitioned into the kind of film one would watch with a Virtual Reality headset. He ends up on the sidewalk in the middle of a forest. Despite the hyperrealistic environment he ends up in, he does not become 3D; instead he transitions from a rough sketch to a well-done cartoon drawing in full colour.

Mystic Forest

A young blonde human girl in a gray dress shows up to greet him. After a bit of conversation with her, the cobra man force chokes her as a display of dominance. He then proceeds to explore the forest on his own.


It cuts to a first-person view of me in the middle of a different forest, which took place in an MMORPG. I could tell it was a starting place for new players, because it was covered in mostly green, translucent slugs the size of an average human being and always stood upright like their Pokemon equivalents.

Bow and Arrow

I decided to practive archery by shooting small, yellow javelins of light at trees when I accidently fired one on a banana-like slug larger than an elephant. Because of its enormous size, I could tell it was stronger than the rest of the area.

Cabin Yellow Slorg

It chased after me throughout the forest when I found a cabin with an open door. I entered it see a friendly white-haired girl greeting us at the entrance. Dream logic told me it was a hub for players of all walks of life. The people in the cabin, including me, looked at the door in horror as the giant slug tried to get inside...