Hydra, the FusionClone Pokemon

February 27, 2022

I was playing a Pokemon game where the box art legendary resembled a three-headed dragon. It had a dark gray body with a pair of wings that resembled a shadowy cloak. It was as if someone took a monster from the Godzilla series and made it a Digimon, but realized it was too difficult to sprite so they made it a Pokemon instead. This Pokemon did not have a name in the dream, so for now we're calling it Hydra.

What made Hydra special was its ability to fuse with literally anything, especially other Pokemon. When this happens, its heads would begin to resemble the very Pokemon it has been fused with. It also has the ability to create duplicates of itself to multiply its own base stats at the expense of extra PC/Party space.

To exemplify this, I had a level 127 Hydra in my PC that was fused with an Aron. While every other pokemon in the PC occupied a single space, the Aron Hydra occupied two of them. When I evolved it into a Lairon/Pupitar Hydra, it leveled up to 146 and could now occupy up to three spaces.

I also had another Hydra in my PC that actually had to do with the game's plot: a leader of an evil team decided to combine the Hydra with another certain pokemon. This would result in a Hydra with a very interesting head. It had with the shape of an Avalugg, the details of a Torterra, and a similar colour palette of a Metagross, but with a shade of indigo as deep as a young, starless night.

The pokemon the Hydra got fused with at some point of the plot wasn't really a legendary pokemon, but still powerful enough to be seen as worthy by the evil team's leader. It was supposed to be based on the ancestor of all cetaceans, but it looked more like a blue floating translucent gecko with googly eyes.


But out of all of the power pokemon the leader can combine with the Hydra, why a cetacean gecko?

Perhaps it has to do with those shower thoughts of what species Nett could be, and also what group of animals his kind might be related to.

Is his people related to dolphins, iguanas, or even the platypus? Or perhaps they belong to the scaleless Sea Skink family?

These thoughts may have spawned a translucent blob gecko that one can easily be mistaken for an inflatable pool toy.

Perhaps the leader wants to use its water powers to take over the world? Is that part of his secret agenda?? Can't he just use another legendary pokemon, unless the gecko has something all legendary pokemon don't have?

But what about the implication that Aron can evolve into Pupitar in this game? Especially the part where the Hydra fusion counterpart undergoes the exact same process?

I think it has to do with the time in the Pokemon Infinite Fusion discord where we were assigned in teams of two to create a sprite for a fusion between a legendary and a non-legendary pokemon. The non-legendary pokemon served as the 'head' while the legendary served as the fusion's 'body'.

I collaborated with someone to create the Pupitar / Reshiram sprite, and the rest was history. Which I feel had a lot to do with the Hydra's appearance.

But the blue floating gecko doesn't even have the same head as its Hydra form!

I know, right!? It's supposed to have the head of a gecko with googly eyes, not some completely different pokemon!

But I have some theories why:

What if we made Hydra an actual Pokemon?

Then we'd have to limit its power. If we don't, the Hydra will take over the competitive field and the world will be doomed. We don't want evil team leaders to take advantage of that!

For instance, we'll have to take away the ability to take up party space to multiply its strength, because I feel it'll give programmers and developers a difficult time.

We also need to limit the amount of Pokemon the Hydra can combine with. Let's face it, a Magikarp Form can be amusing, but an Arceus Form would be too ridiculous. This helps game developers focus on more important aspects of the game, such as character development and bug fixing.

For its typing, Dragon would be an obvious choice, but I wouldn't mind if they chose either Flying, Ghost, Dark, or Steel instead.

For its stats, the total would be above average and well-balanced. If we had to emphasize one of them however, then it would be its HP.

And for the ability, it'll be something weather-related, like Air Lock. It can also have own signature ability that involves creating duplicates of itself during double and triple battles.

What can a Hydra be, if it can't be an official Pokemon?

Good question! It can either be a Digimon or a special Form a Pokemon/Digimon/Human can take. The same can apply to the blue inflatable cetacean gecko. :)

Do you think Game Freak would actually make a pokemon like that?

No, but at least a dedicated enough fan can. ;)