The Helpers

October 4, 2018

So in this dream I was watching a playthrough of what looks like the Zero X Series, except that you can't play as Zero (bummer, man!) but instead two characters: a man in blue and a girl in red. Let's call them Blue and Red respectively.

So Red and Blue was fighting against the final boss: a mixture between Dr. Wily and some Mega Man doppleganger who turned out to be the final boss of one of the Zero games. At one point he constricted the two heroes and laughed sadistically as he took off their equipment. Yikes!


Just as when all hope was lost, a bunch of characters showed up to save the day! That's right: those characters turned out to be the Helpers, characters you can summon to aid you on your platforming adventures. One of them was the leader named Spear. I remember his appearance vividly because I was holding an action figure of him while watching the playthrough on Youtube.

The most notable Helpers were:

Now I think about it, why did some of characters in the game have to be birds!?