Pufferfish eat carrots and pineapple slices while DIO goes to the beach

January 21, 2020

Pufferfish eating a carrot

In the pools of the hotel, there are pufferfish whose main diet consists of carrots. They swim around the hotels much to the amusement of visitors. But when they get tired of staying in a confined space, they leap onto the land and move faster than you would expect, seeking another pool to swim in. They also feed on pineapple slices, especially the ones that are on guests' drinks.

Some vampire yelling 'THE WORLD' before stopping time itself

Meanwhile, DIO was casually walking on the beach. He yelled, "The World!" and everything turned gray except for him. He found out that there are a very few people who are immune to his time-stop power, but he's not sure exactly who...

Could it be the Flash, or one of the pufferfish? Who knows, I haven't slept long enough to see this far.