CrinkleBag Duo

May 11, 2022

There was a meme that involved pair of tall people in paperlike bags. Their heads were as round as a Hulkbuster. Both of them were given something to explain.

The person in the smooth bag would explain it in a tone that is easy for anyone to understand. The person in the crumpled bag explained the same thing, except in a completely different way that is either unorthodox or only understood by a certain group of people.

To exemplify this, they were tasked to explain how file renaming works. This is their response:

Smooth: When you change a name of a file, the old name is discarded. However, you have to keep in mind that your new name does not match any other file names in its own respective folder.

Crumpled: You have little man. Little man must become big man. But there is already a big man. There can only be one big man. You fire ray gun at big man, big man floats. He is floating big man now. Now you can make little man into big man. You have big man and floating big man now.