Insect Keeping is Hard

March 14, 2022


I had four tiny crickets in my possession, but they always scatter around my house. While I was trying to find them, I found out that one of them had their legs fall off and turned into a strange, bright green insect surrounded by a sticky, olive-coloured fluid.

The rest of them turned into what looked like hairy brown caterpillars. They stored some sort of green vaccine in their abodomens.

But these insects were not only my pets. I also had a Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix as well. My sister came into my house with her Calcio cat and Great Shepard. An unidentified stranger came with just their blue cat.

While trying to find the rest of my insects, I came into a bedroom where our pets are fighting each other. I found that one of the caterpillars got squished during the fight. To save the rest of the caterpillars, I decided to put a food cube in a plastic container to lure them to their safety. I had no idea what happened next. Because they moved so slowly, I wasn't sure if they made it on time.