A Post-Honkai Odyssey, Chapter 3

February 5, 2022

We were traveling across a city that resembled both London and Ottawa. Not only I was playing as the protagonist of the Post-Honkai Odyssey story, but also Raiden Mei and Durandal as well.

Not only we faced against monsters from the previous chapters, but also a new enemy as well: a group of Honkai Beasts that come with a green and white colour pallette. Which brings the question: how have they come back? And why green instead of pink?

However, there were no time for such questions, for a pair of humans waited at the top of the city's clock tower. One was a lady in red and gray, while the other was a man in white and green.

Mei, Durandal and I managed to fight our way to the top of the tower. There we had to merge together into a giant yellow glowing sawblade in order to defeat them once and for all... by playing a simple game of Breakout.