3-in-1 Software

January 28, 2022

I had a software program on my computer that was a paint program, an internet browser, and an OMORI-style dungeon crawler all in one. It was so wide, it spanned two computer monitors. Its colour scheme had bright colours, such as purple, green and orange.

The paint program looked like MS Paint from the 90s with the bright colours of Kid Pix. I don't remember interacting with the blank white board, however I do remember it had a toolbar with unchecked boxes.

Ask Sleeves

The internet browser's homepage was pink with a white background. It had a humanlike mascot and the links to other pages came in the form of pink ovals.

The dungeon crawler's art style was very reminisent of the hit RPG Maker game OMORI. You wander around the room with walls made out of beige bricks. I can assume it took place in some sort of temple.

The Therapist

There was a shadowy boss monster with a terrifying grin named "The Therapist". He was meant to be a reference to the Matrix Resurrections movie for some reason. He can only be found inside a mirror you would end up finding in the temple. When encountered, the program's colour scheme turns into a dark, abyssal cobalt, as if the program showed its true colours...