Playable Characters

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Kiana Kaslana

The main protagonist of Honkai Impact's Story Mode. Despite her difficulty studying for tests, she excells in combat.

Mei Raiden

Kiana's friend. At one point she was the Third Herrisher. Her father was the owner of ME Corp before he was overthrown by Cocolina.

Bronya Zaychik

Also known as the "Gray Wolf of the Urals", she is a student in Freya High. She began her career as a child soldier in Siberia, however it ended when she was captured by the Cocolina, the woman she was tasked to assassinate. There she was sent to an orphanage, where she befriended Seele. After an experiment on Seele goes awry, Bronya decides to take her place, but ends up getting her emotional capability severely damaged in the process.

Himeko Murata

A very experienced Valkyre, she really wants her students to succeed in class, especially Kiana.

Theresa Apocalypse

The principal of St. Freya High. Has the DNA of Kiana's Kaslana's ancestor Kallen and a powerful Honkai beast. Likes bitter melon juice.