In a world where nearly everything is cyberpunk, a group of teenagers and a man team up to save the prisoners from Prison2.

This project/dream takes place in a cyberpunk setting, as the main characters wield large firearms that resemble rifles. What’s special about them? The firearms glow like the Infinity Stones, and each one has a different colour. In this project, there are five rifles: Green, Orange, Red/Pink, Blue, and Tan/Beige.

Think of Max Ride, but instead of having the protagonists having wings, they have rifles that glow like the Infinity Stones from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And probably cybernetic implants.

Green belongs to the athletic girl leader. Orange is for the chubby, strong dude. Pink goes to the girl whose rifle has tentacles on it, and Blue belongs to the cool soldier guy. Tan’s owner is a grown man who doesn’t get why he gets dragged into this. In this dream, I was THAT man.

Anyways, they search their way across the city, shooting anyone that are out to get them. What I remember was that the green and the orange people shot first. Every time their weapon activates, they glow a distinct colour. I thought aloud “man, green and orange. I hope they won’t go for anything stereotypical like pink and blue.” And then the pink and blue rifles began to glow!

As we went to the sewer lid in the middle of the city, the gang kneeled down. As they discussed their battle plan, I uttered under my breath, “Okay, what’s next? Tan?” And then my cannon/rifle hybrid (which resembles a tree trunk made out of a combination of stone and wood) began to glow a neon beige! Perhaps the developers ran out of neon colours and start using random colors from the paint section in Lowe’s.

Anyways, as we fought our way through the sewer, we found a prison that was hidden there. We freed many prisoners, including a girl who went unconscious during the experiment she was part in and woke up in a jail cell. She had gray hair and a pair of bouncy ponytails, which made her look like Bronya from Honkai Impact 3rd. Wait, now I think about it, we DID save Bronya! :)

And that's pretty much it. When I told this to my co-worker on the way to the drag races the next day, he suggested that I should make a story out of it. And that's why I made this page. If more ideas for this story come to my head, I'll type them here, because I feel this is going to become the biggest part of the web. :)

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