Qiana Ukuduma

Nickname(s): Kiana, Jerboa
Gender Female
Age 21
Occupation Explorer
Type Ground/Electric
Abilities Lightning/Earth Manipulation, Quick Leaping

Likes Museums, Geology, Swimming
Dislikes Classes being cancelled, Difficulty with communication
PersonalityI am a quiet person who listens.
Ideals Freedom. It is okay to be who you wish to be.
Bonds I owe my life to my aunt and uncle for adopting me when my parents died.
Flaws I easily get amused by anything that catches my eye.


Not so long ago, my parents were mysteriously killed. Currently I do not know who actually killed my parents, but I will make sure it won't happen to anyone else ever again. In memory of my parents, I carried their trinkets around, which turned out to be the source of my parent's superpowers. I was raised by my aunt and uncle until the fateful day I graduated high school.

After the graduation, all of us were given a test. Only a few people got all the answers right, and Corona Vera and I were one of them. As a result, we were invited to several of the greatest colleges, universities and academies in the world. Because Corona and I both have superpowers and want to make a living together, we chose The Campus and stayed there ever since.

Relationships Outfit

Corona Vera and Zeta are my best friends.

I serve as Red Lightnings' sidekick.

My aunt and uncle currently raise me.

I am often seen wearing beige khakis, a bolero, a pair of shoes, and a black shirt.

Sometimes I wear black leggings/tights underneath my pants to prevent chafing.

Most of the time, I either wear ankle socks or black toeless ones.

Pokemon Moves D&D Classes






Storm Mage/Earthfeeler/Zoomer


Alternate outfit

Chibi Think

Drawing from July 22, 2020