Original Characters

Name Occupation Description
Red Lightning Speedster A man, due to a freak accident involving kinetics and chi, gained the ability to run very fast.
Corona Vera Biomechanic A confident young lady who has the ability to throw cacti and produce constructs made out of Plant Chi.
Qiana Ukuduma Explorer A quiet young woman who gains her powers from the heirlooms of her dead parents.
Steelhunter Gunner A strong, hearty and powerful soldier.
Zeta Chi Master A quiet woman who can defy gravity at will.
Garu Berserker Brought from the dead to have his body painfully modified into a living weapon, he escaped into the wilderness, now searching for a purpose...
Aria Huntress/Reaper The energetic roommate who wields a scythe that happens to be also a gun.
Gerald Butler A butler who helps people in their chores, such as cleaning the dishes and making the bed.
ChickenManHero Super Hero After eating too much chicken, he began to develop feathers and a beak. He later found out that he had a special power to gain the powers of the food he eats. He now peddles the eggs he lays to his neighbours.
Edgy Sword Guy GodSlayer A man who wields a powerful blade, said to have destroyed the world in another timeline.
Oprah Fighter An athletic chubby woman who happens to be very kind.
Mr. Mend Principal The founder of the Campus.
Manta Ray Jack Bank Robber Possess the power to shape shift into any marine animal, as long as it's manta-ray related.