Nickname(s): Garoo
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation Berserker
Type Ice
Abilities Claws, Strong Bones, Wrestling

Likes The smell of pine trees, Working out
Dislikes Being electrocuted, Needles
PersonalityI am protective of the people I've made friends with.
IdealsSelf-Discovery. Finding your purpose is the key to a fuller life. I know this because I've been there.
BondsI appreciate the company of superhumans, especially those who are kind to me.
FlawsI am the kind of person who seriously needs to chill.

He recalls nothing before his death, but his earliest memory was his most painful one. Subjected to various harsh experiments that tested the durability of his undead body, he was injected with chi-infused drugs that gave him retractable claws and hardened his bones. He used them to claw his way out to escape the constant physical trauma he was forced to endure.

When he escaped, he wandered endlessly in the forest for a few months. When not hunting for food or sleeping in a cave, he would wonder about his purpose in life. One time he killed and ate a giant animal and started to wear its furs ever since.

One day, while wandering around the forest as usual, he saw a bunch of strange people flying. Could they be superhumans? Garu had only heard rumors about them, and how some of them can even fly. Certainly he cannot fly, but at least he has some superpowers, right?

That's when it hit him... he's a superhuman too!

Relationships Outfit

Red Lightning, Quiana Ukuduma, Jet Smoke, and Photon girl are some examples of superhumans that happen to be cool people to be with.

I wear furs made out of the animals I killed and ate.

For example, my briefs are made out of the hide of a spotted cougar I fought back when I was naked.

Pokemon Moves D&D Classes Inspiration

Ice Punch

Seismic Toss

Metal Claw

Take Down



Wolverine (X-men)

Wolfman (Beta Pokemon)

Beowulf (Skullgirls)