Danella "Corona" Vera

Nickname(s) Corona
Gender Female
Age 22
Occupation Biomechanic
Type Grass
Abilities Botanomancy, Chi Manipulation

Likes Tacos
Dislikes Seeing people getting hurt
PersonalityI'm the kind of person who enjoys having fun and being in charge.
IdealsInnovation. A bright mind is key to success.
BondsI often tease my friends, yet I still care about them.
FlawsI usually come off as a smug arsehole.

Back in my last days in high school, there was a test. It was to see if you're capable of attending the world's best schools. Because I got a 100% on the test alongside my best friend Qiana, we got to go any college, university, or academy we wished! After some research, we decided to go to what some people call the "Superhero Academy". We wanted to fight crime for different reasons. While Qiana would do it for personal reasons and making sure no one would get hurt, including parents, I'd do it for the fun of it. :)

Relationships Outfit

Qiana Ukuduma is my best friend.

Zeta's my roommate. She likes things quiet, which is why I wouldn't blast my music when she's around.

Red Lightning is my rival. I love to test the limits of his abilities, whether he likes it or not!

I wear pair of loose sleeves, a white shirt, a skirt, legwarmers, and a pair of brown loafers.

The shorts I wear under my skirt, the sleeves I sometimes wear under my sleeves, and the socks I wear underneath my loafers all share the same colour: Dark Ash Black!

Pokemon Moves D&D Classes



Razor Leaf

Cotton Spore




Pose Collection


Rough Sketches involving Animation

Ambush Anguish

Corona being cute

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