A Pokedex-like project for my creations. Currently WIP.

Dog Genesis

Name Decalu
Type Normal/Dark
Powers SuperSmell, Pecking
The Decalu is skilled in smell, which helps make up for its messy coding skills. It lacks a sense of urgency, making completing projects on time very challenging.
None Evolutions Megarok

Name Megarok
Type Normal/Steel
Powers Intimidate, Metal Body
It is usually very shy, however when you bond with the Megarok, it can impress you with its coding skills that would make Decalu very jealous.
Decalu Evolutions BanchoDynamo

Name BanchoDynamo
Type Ghost/Steel
Powers Intimidate, Iron Fist
A leader of the pack, this head honcho enjoys the taste of victory and nachos.
Megarok Evolutions Unknown