Dog Genesis

Recently I've been using Spore to re-create the creatures I've drawn back in my childhood. Looking back at now, they don't make a lot of sense in the Pokemon world due to their typing and moveset, but at least it was a lot of fun!

Picture Name Type Moveset
Hippabot Water/Steel Water Sport, Splash, Gyro Ball
Swinnadog Normal/Flying Whirlwind, Bounce, Growl, Splash,
Bite, Crunch, Peck
Car Tank Steel/Electric Earthquake, ExtremeSpeed
Caman Ground Sand Attack, Earthquake, Rest
Gasper Flying/Steel Water Sport, Splash, Gyro Ball, Bite,
Whirlwind, Crunch, Sunny Day, Thunder Fang
Zapaaan Electric/Flying Water Sport, Splash, Gyro Ball, Thunder Fang,
Scratch, Gust, Wing Attack, Crunch,
Thunder Bolt, Faint Attack
TVMan Electric Teleport, Splash, Thundershock, Uproar,
Faint Attack, Dark Beam
Swinnapup Electric/Normal Whirlwind
Gan Guee Poison Poison Sting, Bite, Crunch, Acid, Poison Fang
Hypnosplash Water/Psychic Splash, ExtremeSpeed, Rollout
Gunkongong Ground/Poison(♂)
Sand Attack, Earthquake, Rest, Lick, Peck
Wapper Dipper Bug/Water Quick Attack, Splash, Poison Sting, Poison Stab,
Leech Life
Gumber Steel/Electric Growl, Stomp, Crunch, Roar of Time
Feeder Psychic Peck, Teleport
Cypops Steel Gyro Ball, Protect, Water Gun
Protector of DOOM Fire/Grass Gyro Ball, Protect, Water Gun, Ember,
Slash, Dark Beam, Sunny Day, Vine Whip
Ginja Water Tackle, Bubble, Splash
Guggy-Boat Water/Psychic Body Slam, Surf, Whirlwind, Confusion
Pip-Squeak Ground/Steel Hyper Beam, Growl, Double Kick
Gee Rock Rock Tomb, Rock Throw, Stomp, Roar
Zino Rock/Psychic Rock Tomb, Rock Throw, Stomp, Roar
Lickatong Ground/Normal Earthquake, Rest, Lick, Peck
Maraegg Water Pound, Growl, Bubble, Thundershock
Jumpall Water/Electric Water Pulse, Double Hit, Thunderbolt
AquaZap Water/Electric Rain Dance, Hydro Cannon, Thunder, Play Rough
Vinnegg Grass Tackle, Harden, Vine Whip
Octall Grass/Water Leech Seed, Bubblebeam
8-Bugg Water/Bug Frenzy Plant, Infestation, Leech Seed, Surf
Spikegg Fire Scratch, Smokescreen, Ember
Ninall Fire/Dark Thief, Bite, Flame Charge, PoisonPowder
Ninjan Dark Shadow Strike, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Blast Burn
Narinji Normal/Dark Smokescreen, Thief, Shadow Strike
DarkShadow Dark/Ghost Destiny Bond
Die-na-door Ghost Shadow Ball, Curse, Dragon Tail
Cirl Ghost Curse, Shadow Ball
Glitch Dark/Flying Fly
Ninja Eggs Normal Egg Bomb, Tackle, Tri-Attack
1-Ball ??? Tri-Attack
2-Ball ??? Tri-Attack
3-Ball ??? Seriously the least creative of the bunch, I swear
Teet Normal/Flying Sand Attack, Peck, Growl,
Splash, Tackle
Patanaz Electric/Flying Peck, Growl, Splash, Tackle,
Stun Spore, Air Cutter, Wing Attack, Thunder,
Thundershock, Roar, Hyper Beam, Scratch
Smark Normal Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip
Gark Grass/Ground Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip, Headbutt,
Slash, Dig, Absorb
Smosh Grass Rock Smash, Wood Hammer
Gepard Steel/Light Slash, Dark Beam, Sunny Day, Vine Whip,
Power of One, Peck
Aanane Steel/Flying Splash, Bite, Crunch, Peck,
Stomp, Dig, Bulk-up, Harden,
Iron Defense, Snatch, Wing Attack, Air Cutter,
Gyro Ball, Bide, Double Punch
Snake Head Ground Earthquake, Rest, Lick, Peck
AirDog Boat Water Splash, Bite, Crunch, Peck
Giant Vacation Boat Water/Ground Slam, Body Slam, Stomp, Bite,
Dark Beam, Aqua Jet, Splash, Block,
Quick Attack, Uproar, Crunch